MOOCMOOC Day 4 Collage Project: Participant Pedagogy in Action

Since we’ve talked a lot about “remixing” material as a way of learning, I’d like you to do a quick, simple remix of some of the Day 4 materials to reflect what you’ve been thinking about today. Choose one element of today’s topic that really interests you—I chose “Student-Teachers/Teacher-Students”—and then, in a Google Doc, collage together elements (text, photos, etc.) that relate to your topic from each of the readings listed below:

“Here’s What to do on Wednesday” from

“Participant Pedagogy: a #digped Discussion from Hybrid Pedagogy

#digiped Storify: Participant Pedagogy

Experiments in Mass Pedagogy from Hybrid Pedagogy

All of these links from today’s “readings” are covered by Creative Commons licenses—please provide a link in your document from each element to the url that it was drawn from. Once you’re finished, please include a link to your doc in the comments section and also tweet out your doc on the #moocmooc hashtag with an @myunnaturalself so I’ll see it. Here’s an image of mine (visit the original Google doc to follow links, comment):


If you’re unsure about how to complete the activity, here’s a video where I screencast the creation of my doc:

I look forward to seeing everyone’s work—have fun!

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One thought on “MOOCMOOC Day 4 Collage Project: Participant Pedagogy in Action

  1. Please link to your collage in the comments section like this:

    Here’s my collage on “Student-Teachers/Teacher-Students”:

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